10-20mm කාබන් වානේ තන්තු ලේසර් කැපුම් යන්ත්‍රය

10mm 20 කාබන් වානේ ෆයිබර් ලේසර් කැපුම් යන්ත්‍රය

නිෂ්පාදන යෙදුම

Applications of fiber lasers cutting machine including telecommunications, spectroscopy, medicine, and directed energy weapons,Electric power, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertisement board, car decoration, sheet metal production, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision parts, hardware products and other industries.

Applicable material: stainles steel, carbon steel, mild steel, iron, galvanized sheet, titanim sheet, copper, aluminum etc.

The advantages of fiber lasers over other types include

Light is already coupled into a flexible fiber: The fact that the light is already in a fiber allows it to be easily delivered to a movable focusing element. This is important for laser cutting, welding, and folding of metals and polymers.

High output power: Fiber lasers can have active regions several kilometers long, and so can provide very high optical gain. They can support kilowatt levels of continuous output power because of the fiber's high surface area to volume ratio, which allows efficient cooling.

High optical quality: The fiber's waveguiding properties reduce or eliminate thermal distortion of the optical path, typically producing a diffraction-limited, high-quality optical beam.
Compact size: Fiber lasers are compact compared to rod or gas lasers of comparable power, because the fiber can be bent and coiled to save space.

Reliability: Fiber lasers exhibit high temperature and vibrational stability, extended lifetime, and maintenance-free turnkey operation.

High peak power and nanosecond pulses enable effective marking and engraving.
The additional power and better beam quality provide cleaner cut edges and faster cutting speeds.

Lower cost of ownership.
Fiber lasers are now being used to make high-performance surface-acoustic wave (SAW) devices. These lasers raise throughput and lower cost of ownership in comparison to older solid-state laser technology

වැඩ කරන ප්රමාණය
1300 * 2500 මි.මී.
4 feet*8 feet
3000 * 1500 මි.මී.
10 feet*5 feet
4 feet*4.3feet

ලේසර් බලය

500W Raycus
cut 3mm stainless steel max
cutting 6mm carbon steel max
750W Raycus
cut 4mm stainless steel max
cut 10mm carbon steel max
1000W Raycus
cut 5mm stainless steel max
cut 12mm carbon steel max

Main data

minimum line:0.15mm
auxiliary gas
oxygen, nitrogon
repositioning precision:0.02mm
උපරිම චලනය වන වේගය
100m / min
voltage: 220V/380V/440V
max cutting speed
30m / min

ප්‍රධාන විශේෂාංග

1) cleaning and precise cutting edge.

2) වායුමය කොටස්, විදුලි කොටස් සහ මෙහෙයුම් කොටස් වල උසස් ලෝක ප්‍රසිද්ධ වෙළඳ නාම සංරචක අනුගත කිරීම.

3) Most parts are international famous brand, guarantee machine precision and quality.

4) Strict investigation of machine

5) Heavy duty, long lifespan

ඉක්මන් විස්තර

යෙදුම: ලේසර් කැපීම
තත්වය: නව
ලේසර් වර්ගය: ෆයිබර් ලේසර්
අදාළ ද්‍රව්‍ය: ලෝහ
කැපුම් ick ණකම: 0-20 මි.මී.
Cutting Area: 1300*2500mm 1500*3000mm
Cutting Speed: 100m/min
සීඑන්සී හෝ නැත: ඔව්
සිසිලන මාදිලිය: ජල සිසිලනය
පාලන මෘදුකාංග: සයිප්කට්
ග්‍රැෆික් ආකෘතිය සහාය දක්වයි: AI, BMP, DST, DXF, DXP, PLT
සහතික කිරීම: CE, ISO
අලෙවියෙන් පසු සේවාව සපයනු ලැබේ: විදේශයන්හි සේවා යන්ත්‍රෝපකරණ ලබා ගත හැකි ඉංජිනේරුවන්
transmission: high precision ball screw or rack pinion
laser power: raycus 500W 750W 1000W or IPG 1000W
driving system: famous brand servo motor and driver
guide rail: taiwan high precision square rail
keyword: ෆයිබර් ලේසර් කැපුම් යන්ත්‍රය
volage power: 220W 3 phase or 380V 3 phase
control system and software: cypcut
cutting head: WSX cutting head
machine table: one or double optional
optional: cover, pipe cutting rotary

ආශ්රිත නිෂ්පාදන